About Kaela + Robert

Kaela Rae Vance is a Mental Health Therapist who graduated with a degree from East Carolina University in Health Promotion & Education in 2009 and followed up with a M.Ed. degree from Ohio University in Clinical Counseling in 2013. Subsequently, Kaela received her license from the State of Ohio as a Professional Clinical Counselor. She currently works as a Therapist in a local mental health hospital.

Robert is an IT professional who graduated with a degree in Telecommunications from Ohio University in 2005. Since then, Robert has been the business owner of a small IT consulting firm in Columbus. He travels this side of the country working on various projects that have a focus on technology; such as large LED display installations, WiFi installations in fire trucks, and so on.

Kaela and Robert met when Kaela was in high school and Robert was in college. They had a common interest in theatre and discovered each other during a summer community musical in 2004. Despite the odds and the adversity, Kaela and Robert remained close throughout the remainder of college and eventually became engaged in 2008 at Red, White, & Boom! Robert and Kaela later married in 2010 at an outdoor ceremony in Dublin, Ohio. Eventually they purchased a home together in Galloway, Ohio in mid-2014. This is when they decided that it was time to entertain the idea of having a baby.

Kaela and Robert found out they were pregnant in December of 2014. Unfortunately, after much excitement, the pregnancy did not last. The two were disappointed, but continued efforts to conceive. Eventually, in March of 2015, the two discovered they were once again pregnant!

This is where this blog continues the rest of the story…