We’re Pregnant!

Robert was out of town attending his brother Josh’s graduation from USCG A-School. Apparently Kaela was feeling like she might be pregnant again. So, she takes a digital test this time, and sure enough it says she’s 2-3 weeks pregnant. So when Robert returns on Tuesday, and he is really tired. He spent the rest of the night on the couch, instead of at his computer like he normally does. However, Kaela left a fake “downloading” screen (see to the right) on his computer that he totally missed. So, knowing that Robert checks his phone before bed, Kaela emails him the image and he ends up opening it while laying in bed while half asleep; so it took him a minute to figure it out. But finally he caught on and realized that they’re pregnant… again! The two were excited, but were trying to hold it back in case things didn’t work out again.